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2017-09-18 The Northern Cleansing Collection by NATURA SIBERICA

Eurobio Lab presents a new line Northern Collection by NATURA SIBERICA in the basis of which lay the knowledge and recipes of the northern peoples. The collection aims at filling the needs of every skin type thanks to a unique blend of coal and wild Siberian herbs or berries.




Since ages, the Northern Nenec, Selkup and Khanty people have traditionally used Siberian plants to create elixirs to preserve their youthfulness and amazing vitality. Being rare in the Toundra and North, charcoal and wood have been revered by the Northern people as a magical, mythical element. The Northern Cleansing Collection is inspired by these ancient recipes and these shamanic traditions. 

This line aims at capitalising on the success of the NORTHERN SOAP– DEEP FACIAL CLEANSING and at offering a daily cleansing routine based on traditional beauty recipes of Siberian Northern tribes. For our customers who are addicted to the NORTHERN SOAP. 

This Northern collection is made from charcoal, Siberian plants extracts, oils and white clay. To meet the constant consumer demand for naturalness, the collection is fully certified by ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC, which confirms that it contains 99.99% of natural components.


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