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SELECTIVE SPIRITS -  perfumes that contain only natural and natural ingredients.
Such perfumes are produced in a limited edition, and are suitable for those who are looking for their own individual fragrance. Usually this perfume is different from the usual smells.
Our collection of selective perfumes consists of from 4 different flavors, men's, women's and unisex. Perfume masters from the Provence themselves created them specifically for Natura Siberica, inspired by the many-sided and faraway Siberia.
The first fragrance woody-spicy unisex fragrance DANSE DU SHAMAN by Natura Siberica falls in love with the first notes: bergamonte, tangerine, cardamom and pink pepper.
The second fragrance in Natura Siberica collection is SAFRAN DE SIBERIE women's perfume dressed in coquetry. A persistent Siberian fragrance that contains essential oils of flowers picked up by Siberian harsh conditions. Tenderness which hidden behind the hard Siberian character - it's all about women's Natura Siberica SAFRAN DE SIBERIE perfume.
The third Natura Siberica perfume  - fresh spicy-piprane unisex aroma SIBÉRIE MON AMOUR gives a feeling of a slightly in love. Musk and amber notes add a sense of self-confidence, which is possible only in the case of mutual love. Perfume is suitable for both women and men.
Strong, persuasive, woody-spicy aroma NUIT EN SIBÉRIE. The fourth perfume, created by Natura Siberica exclusively for men! The carrier of this fragrance does not leave indifferent any women. When the fragrance touches the skin, smoke and Siberian pine note are felt.
Each bottle is packed in a real book, illustrated with descriptions of Siberian plants.
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