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We proudly offer a comprehensive line of health and beauty products, harvested from wild Siberian herbs and unique natural ingredients, to enhance the properties of all active ingredients. 

We are the 1st certified, organic brand created from wild harvested herbs and exclusive natural ingredients sourced from the unspoilt, powerful Siberian Nature.

Our herbs have been traditionally used by Siberians for countless years and were made into elixirs of health and beauty for the Russian Tsars. To survive extreme Siberian conditions herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties. We use all these unique properties to create products that will fulfill your skin with beauty and vital power.

We are happy to present to you genuine Siberian beauty products and would love to share the opportunity to lift the lid off an ancient Siberian beauty secret. With its harsh and remote landscapes, Siberia is one of the last few largely undiscovered territories in a world where almost every other corner has been explored.

Here, nature is powerful, unspoiled and wild. In this large territory nature reserves have been preserved, allowing some of the most unique fauna and flora in the world. A wealth of endemic plant species thrive, with exceptional therapeutic properties. Their secrets have been handed down since the dawn of time, from generation to generation by local tribes native to Siberia.


Organic farming


The foundation of Natura Siberica and its cosmetics are organic ingredients, based on wild Siberian herbs and flowers. How do we get organic ingredients?

We have 5 certified organic farms, where we grow indigenous Siberian plants.


Our farms are located in:

Khakassia (West Siberia)

Kamchatka peninsula (Far East region)

Sakhalin Island (Far East region)

Kunashir Island

Saarema Island (Estonia)



Wild Harvested Siberian Herbs


We collect wild Siberian herbs and flowersin ecologically safe regions by using the method of Wild Harvesting.

Due to its extreme conditions, Siberia offers the world plants with unique health and beauty benefits such as can hardly be found anywhere else in the world. To survive Siberian herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties.

Thus, thanks to its amazing power and vitality, Snow Cladonia remains green even under the snow when the temperatures drop down to -50C. Siberian Dwarf Pine still grows a centimeter every month despite of permafrost conditions on sparse and stony soil. Siberian Salvia is a natural medicine for the Taiga animals, whenever wounded they seek this magic plant to heal the soars of different kinds.

We use all these unique properties of Siberian plants to create cosmetics that will fulfill your skin with extraordinary vital power.


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