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Eurobio Lab is European company specializing in the production of natural and organic cosmetic products that are manufactured in accordance with the highest European standards and yet boast affordable pricing. Our manufacturing plant is certified in compliance with the international quality system ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (GMP). Our technologists are highly qualified specialists with expertise in the development of natural and modern cosmetic formulas. The majority of the products we manufacture are certified by such international organizations as ECO CERT (France), BDIH (Germany) and ICEA (Italy).At present we produce over 1500 SKU under 15 brand names featuring Natura Siberica, Natura Estonica, Organic Shop, Organic Kitchen, Dr.Konopka’s, Organic People, Recipes of Grandmother Agafia. Our range of goods comprises skincare, personal care, hair care, SPA treatments, baby care, cosmetics for domestic animals and even natural laundry detergents and cleaners. Our products are represented in 82 countries including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong etc.

We successfully sell our products in WholeFoods UK and Harrods.


We select organic and certified products that come from organic farms around the world. These farms do not use chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. Organic farms maintain soil fertility and species diversity.

We strive to be sustainable by choosing a sustainable factory, recyclable packaging and organic ingredients.

All is made in EU – we like to keep it local and reduce CO2 footprint.

Sustainability is the key:

Strong values and responsibility;

Highest European standards and affordable pricing;

Products are free from mineral oil, paraffin, BHT-BHA, EDTA, Parabens, Formaldehyde derivatives, Phthalates and more;

We invest into 100% recyclable packaging solutions;

We are Vegan and Cruelty-free;

We use only responsibly sourced palm oil, which is traceable to locations where palm oil production does not threaten wildlife or their habitat;

We are producing in factory committed to sustainability;

Ethical supply chain;

Low carbon footprint of ingredients and business, cooperating wirt GreenDice project.

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In a few places there are still unique natural vegetated areas preserved where plants grow freely, naturally and plentiful. To direct this vital power for health and beauty, we use modern production tehnology and strict control in all stages of production process. Thanks to this wild plants open their maximum potential.



Natural and healthy cosmetic products have proven their benefit, we believe in our products and professionals. The purpose of establishing factory in Estonia is to offer high quality products with reasonable price that are made of herbs that are grown in wild, clean nature in local and EU market.



Our target is to reach to the consciousness of people that usage of our high quality products provides beauty, vital power and well-being. Our goal is that our products will be placed next to reputable brands in stores.



We want, we can and we know to do things properly and sustainably to meet client's expectations and regulative normative.






Eurobio Lab employs more than 300 passionate, versatile and dedicated professionals. Our structure and the diversity of our markets provide our people with a valuable and diverse work experience. In return, a thorough knowledge of our business allows them to make a significant contribution to our growth. The Eurobio Lab company provides its employees with a modern and healthy work environment, and work benefits.

Benefits for Eurobio Lab employees:    


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