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What`s new?

2022-11-17 Natura Siberica Micellar Cleansing Milk and Lab by Natura Siberica Biome Hyaluronic Eye Patches received prizes in the Top Santé Beauty Awards 2022

Eurobio Lab has participated in the Top Santé Beauty Awards 2022! This is a bumper year as they’ve combined skincare, haircare and bodycare, meaning they’ve got 50 categories in all, each with Gold, Silver and Bronze award-winning products, as well as shortlisted ones.

We are happy that two of our products received prizes!

Best Eye Product

Bronze: Lab by Natura Siberica Biome Hyaluronic Eye Patches

Fermented Northern cloudberry and wild raspberry extracts support skin’s microbiome, while hydrating and erasing signs of fatigue.

Joanne, 52: ‘These eye patches are a little tricky to apply but once in place, they stay put. You need time to be able to use them for 15 minutes but I am pleased with the overall result, as the skin around the eyes is firme.’

Best Micellar Water

Silver: Natura Siberica Micellar Age-Defying Cleansing Milk

Contains snow cladonia, Siberian pine oil and vitamin E and F to nourish and softens.

Lynne, 55: ‘This smells beautiful. I like that it’s 96.8 per cent natural and vegan too.’

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